We All Trip Sometimes

Grayson Allen has the most talked about right leg in the world.

The Duke guard’s apparent issues with intentionally tripping opposing players has been quite the water-cooler conversation topic here in the past week. It’s been discussed so much that the subject has now been overblown.

Allen clearly has issues with a high leg kick in certain game situations. (And he’s not the only one. See Green, Draymond.) What he’s doing isn’t right, and what he did in a recent game against Elon earned him a suspension that I agree with. Duke’s Coach K has had to discuss that suspension much more than he’d prefer.

Here’s the deal. I’ve always loathed Duke Basketball, Coach K and, as long as possible, Grayson Allen. I don’t like their attitudes, their demeanor or their history. No matter what game they’re playing, I’m pulling for the other team.

But Coach K is handling this situation correctly. He has acknowledged his standout player has a flaw that must be addressed. And while I don’t personally like Grayson Allen, we need to lay off him at this point.

We all make mistakes, as K has pointed out in national media interviews. And we all deserve a chance to recover and do better in our lives. That’s what Allen deserves now; he’s still a kid. It’s up to him what he does with the opportunity he gets to receive mentoring from a successful and fantastic coach in Krzyzewski.

There’s a lot more to the college basketball world than Grayson Allen’s leg. So let’s not let this issue continue to trip us up any more than necessary.


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